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             At an early age I developed an interest in painting, at the age of 20 I went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Bordeaux where I learned the sketch of portrait and nude with charcoal.

The painting comes later and naturally it mixes with the technique of charcoal or I created a whole world of colors.


             One day, an idea, a painting. Instinctively, I realize my works using a range of bright and fluorescent colors.

Contrast accentuated and search for detail with great sincerity and joy, there is duality between the speed of execution and the accuracy of the gesture.


Where ?

             I placed my workshop in the commune of Castelnau de Médoc, located between the urban and rural world.

Loving contact with people is in this spirit that my workshop are directly open to the public.

Why ?

             Painting brings me this freedom necessary for my blossoming, my creativity.

By projecting all her feelings on the canvas, I can express my joy, my reason for living, and all that is simply to exist.

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